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11 August 2004

  • The Control Panel issue, first reported 5 August, was reported again and fixed:

[10 August 2004 16:37:45] Tarek: Hello Mr. Dixiesys man. It's me again about www.uwomeds.com . I'm wondering about the control panel page ( https://www14.dixiesys.com:8443/login.php3 ). It tells me that my access is denied under the "hippocouncil" login.

17:07:55 Dixiesys: hmm might be the domain was unsuspended but the login wasn't I'll have someone check.

17:08:14 Dixiesys: Thank you kindly.

[11 August 2004 00:42:05] Tarek: Hi. Apologies for bothering you again... I had asked about somebody checking to see why uwomeds.com 's login for the control panel was down, and you told me that somebody would get back to me, but as of yet, nobody has.. Would you be able to update me on why my access to the control panel is still denied?

00:48:18 Dixiesys: try now

00:48:54 Tarek: Giddy up. Thank you kindly.

10 August 2004

Tarek [12:56:44]: Hi. Dixiesys man?

Dixiesys [12:57:38]: yes?

Tarek [12:58:37]: wow. : ) In any case, I'm just icqing about www.uwomeds.com .. The site appears down, and we opened a ticket and in theory sorted everything out yesterday. I'm just wondering what the issue is at the moment.

Dixiesys [13:02:31]: Hmm lemme check not sure what was going on with it do you have an open ticket?

Tarek [13:02:48]: One of our "crew" opened a ticket yesterday.

Tarek [13:03:02]: but, if I may be honest with you, we are running something of a gong show.

Dixiesys [13:12:14]: the site shows as active on the server

13:12:33 Dixiesys: Welcome to UWOMeds.com, a brand-new information portal built by the Hippocratic Council's DIT Team and designed to be your one-stop source for all things UWO Medicine. If this is the first time you are visiting this website, you should register for an account on our system to receive full access to all of the features available here. Please read on for complete details on registration...

13:13:07 Tarek: OK, it appears fixed now.. but it for sure was giving the dixiesys page before. Did you change anything, or was it the hand of god? : )

13:13:30 Dixiesys: I haven't no

13:14:00 Tarek: Well, regardless, it all seems cool now, so thank you for that..

9 August 2004

  • The site is discovered down
  • Arif opens a ticket and speaks to Dixiesys