Suprarenal gland

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Suprarenal glands are bilateral endocrine glands located superior to the kidney. The right suprarenal gland is roughly pyramidal in shape, while the left is crescentic. They are related to the superior poles of the kidneys and are surrounded by perirenal fat and renal fascia. They are comprised of an outer cortex (produces steroid hormones) and an inner medulla (produces epinephrine and norepinephrine).



Suprarenal arteries to the glands are from three sources:

  1. inferior phrenic artery (branch of the aorta)
  2. aorta (direct branch)
  3. renal artery


The veins usually unite to form a single suprarenal vein for each gland. The left enters the left renal vein and the right drains directly into the inferior vena cava.


The nerve supply to the glands is via the celiac plexus. Most of the fibres are preganglionic sympathetic fibres to the cells (ganglion cells) of the suprarenal medulla.