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"reputation is character minus what you can get away with."

&mdash Attributed to Seymour Schulich by Caslon Analytics

Media Coverage

Background Information


  • 2003-2004 Net worth $468 Million (65th place in Canada) [5]
  • Seymour Schulich day has been celebrated in Reno, Nevada [6]
  • Involved with:
  • Franco-Nevada Mining
  • Newmont Capital limited
    • Newmont mining
    • Yandal


Business Transactions

  • Sale of Franco Nevada to Newmont [11]
    • Abandoning Yandal
  • Insider trading (not illegal in this context) [12]



  • Accused of human rights abuses [13]
  • Withdrew from Burma [14]
  • Peruvians demand compensation for pollution from the huge Yanacocha mine, operated by Newmont [15]
  • Winner, 2003 Dirty Digger Award [16]
  • Indigenous groups worldwide blast US Mining giant [17]
  • Oxfam article demanding action for various abuses and environmental damage [18]
  • Project Underground ran an extensive Newmont campaign until their funding fell through [19]
  • Another watch group for Newmont: Great Basin Mine Watch
  • Newmont's Minahasa Raya mines - practices the very destructive submarine tailing disposal [20] [21] [22]
  • Newmont dumps 4x legal limit in Indonesia [23] [24] [25]
  • Yanacocha bribes in peru; damage [26]

Unprocessed links

  • Journal article about indonesia / toxicity [27] (needs proxy)
  • Article search [28]

Blackrock Ventures

  • Whitefish Lake First Nation law suit [30]

Other ventures

School-related background

Faculty Council Meeting

The following information was copied verbatim from powerpoint slides put up by Dr. Carol Herbert during her presentation to the Faculty Council on Thursday, 1 April 2004

Background: Mega-gifts in post-secondary education

  • Recognition is often a driver in philanthropy
  • Institutions create naming opportunities
  • 12 business schools named in canada since early 1990s
  • Some medical schools named in the US
  • 2001: Western begins to look for a major donor to support Medicine and Dentistry

General gist of spoken words:

  • Though the "altruistic" reasons are given to potential donors, it is recognized that philanthropists need extra incentives.
  • Governments also attach strings


  • Fall 2002: Introduced to seymour schulich
  • Dec 2002: proposal to support m and d
    • amount requested: $20 million with an offer to name the faculty in recognition of his gift
  • July 2003: schulich first visit to campus
  • July 2003-octoer 2003 - extensive discussions
  • October 2003: initial agreement reached
  • December 15, 2003: final agreement signed
    • gift amount: $26 000 000
  • Donor's major interest - accessibility to medical education

Impact of gift

  • total commitment of $26 000 000
  • annually - 60 undergraduate awards of $20 000 each ($1 240 000 - including OSOTF match)
  • annually - 50 graduate awards of $5 000 each ($250 000) to be matched by OGS ST ($500 000) for total awards of $15 000
  • Annually - $50 000 to each of two CRCs ($100 000)

Total annually = $1 590 000 in perpetuity Total impact, including matching = $50 million

Seymour Schulich - Naming

  • To honour and recognize this transformational gift, we propose to create and name the Schulich School of Medicine
  • additionally, undergrad and grad awards
  • <missed remainder>

Seymour Schulich - Next Steps

  • beginning of an important partnership
  • strong track record of further investment in philanthropic projects
  • schulich wants to ensure that this gift and naming will advance the faculty's mission, increase its profile nationally and internationally, and attract further external funding

Victor Frankl - Man's Search for Meaning - a hero of Schulich (according to Herbert) [31]

Action Plans

Accessibility to Senate

The University Senate meeting on April 16th will be attended by 18 voting student members, as well as 4 non-voting members (with 20 admin members and 55 faculty members). It is the intention of these student positions to represent students.

  • Student senators have been invited to discussion meetings
  • only members of senate will be recognized to speak at the meeting
    • anyone else attending may only listen
  • important to let opinions be heard before the Senate meeting
    • all opinions should be equally represented
  • Email the following addresses:;;



We, the undersigned, hereby call for the following, as relating to the donation announced on 31 March 2004:

  1. That, since this donation affects all UWO Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry students - past, present and future - they, as major stakeholders, should be given access to all information necessary to have an informed debate on this issue, and should be involved in the decision-making process.
  2. That it be acknowledged that students have varied and legitimate concerns that remain unresolved about the donation and renaming of their faculty.
  3. That the senate proceedings scheduled for 16 April 2004 on the donation and renaming proposal be deferred until the next senate meeting to allow for student information, debate and participation on this decision.

Electronic Petition


Class Signatures
2007 42
2006 8
2004 1
  • Pages in: 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Pages out: 7,8,9,10

This Week

Agenda for week leading to 16 April

  • Western News pieces (Due Sunday Night - Azad)
  • Alumni Letters (Send out ASAP to your alumni contacts with a little personal note to make sure they read it. Send contacts to Azad for the record.
    • (I will not be emailing any of them without consulting everyone first)
  • Student letter (Done by Thiv sent out Sunday morning)
  • Faculty Letter (Due Sunday night - Thiv, Azad, Tarek)
  • [help]Written response to the Gazette to be posted on KIP (Thiv, Kumbir, Azad - could use more help here)
    • Put up some response on KIP
  • Set-up petition so faculty can sign as well (Sunday - Tarek)
  • Form letter to Senators (Due Sunday - Tarek, Azad)
  • [help]Letter to Dean asking for information on the deal and a pause in the process (Sunday night/Monday morning, Tarek, Azad - could use more help) Letter draft will go out Sunday evening. The more signatures we get on it the better. We want to send it to her Monday morning. Cc's to Silcox, Flan, Senate Reps and anyone else?
  • Authenticating petition signatures with 2007 class council (Wednesday - Tarek; could use help)
  • Figure out who's going to the senate meeting and get invitations (Daren, can you coordinate this?)
  • Check UWO ethical investment policy (tarek?)

Idle Speculation

  • Abandoned mines in western canada
  • reopening abandoned mine sites?
  • rebuild image of social responsibility
  • Newmont puts a lot of money into public relations
  • Almost committed to making image a priority - consistent with that
    • started foundations wherever they start operations
    • In peru, started a community development foundation
    • Community groups can apply for funding
    • Once operation shuts down, that foundation dies.
  • Mines within our region?
  • Newmont announced this year that they would expand portfolio into oil
  • Mining-watch Canada
  • Don't want to be like Rio-tinto


Original message

Hey guys!

Here is some background information on Mr. Schulich and some of the sources for the funds used to make the large donation announced today.

Currently, Mr. Seymour Schulich sits as chairman of Newmont Capital Limited ([32]), the largest gold mining company in the world. This would not usually be a problem, except for the fact that Newmont is also perhaps the largest ecological disaster to hit many communities in many countries on many continents([33]).

At Nusa Tengarra in Sumbawa, Indonesia, Newmont dumps 120,000 tons of mine waste a day in coastal waters. Local community people say that agricultural land was taken from them without their agreement or in some cases they were insufficiently compensated causing them to lose their source of livelihood. (Source: [34])

Mr. Schulich is also the current director of Blackrock Ventures Inc.([35] ; very informative) conducting oil exploration and extraction in western Canada, involving large segments of land whose ownership is disputed by the First Nations people. As recently as 7 days ago, Blackrock Ventures Inc. was filed against by the Whitefish Lake First Nation for the recently issued license to construct a pipeline through land to which Whitefish Lake First Nations has claims. The company has refused to delay the construction pending the legal resolution of the land claim. (Source: [36]).

If, as physicians or future physicians, we are not to believe that the ends justify any means, then we should hesitate before we allow a philanthropic act in our name and immediate benefit to be used in justifying injustices done to others both in this country and across the world.

So, as we are shown as white-coated prize bulls today in a process we had no say in, a process distinctly devoid of democracy or public consultation, let us not forget the impacts this money makes and where it came from. Here we were dragged, and here we shall remain. But we should at least do this with eyes wide open.

tarek and Azad :)


Wonderful email -- thank you for expressing some of the concerns of many of we medical students in the acceptance of a donation that, in my opinion, represents a slippery slope towards post-secondary privatization and the polarization of the poor and the rich.

First of all, she's the DEAN. That means she has a say in what happens to the medical school. Your voice is not as loud as the dean's and nor should it be. Second, the memo says "pending Faculty Council approval on April 1 and Senate approval on April 16." I think that's called democracy. Please don't fill up my inbox with your preaching. When you're dean then you can make decisions about the medical school.

Hi Tarek,

I appreciate your background research on our new sponsor; I agree with you that it's important to know how he earned his money. I would also appreciate it if you left such things to the UWOMeds forums, it's a more appropriate place to discuss such matters.


Nice! Where do I sign:)

I was waiting to see how long it would take for the dirt to come out.

As important as it is for people to have an informed choice on adecision, this is not our decision. I am not arguing whether it shouldbe or not, I am just stating the current state of affairs.

If you or anyone for that matter feels strongly about this issue, thenplease direct it to the appropriate sources, discuss this on the message forum, or book a room and hold an interclass discussion (where Dr.Herbert and other faculty members may be able to attend and address these concerns). These means will bring about awareness and change that mass e-mailing amongst the classes simply cannot obtain.

My apologies, but I do not believe that mass e-mail is a means to effectively debate this or any other issue of this magnitude.


excellent, very good work!

Pardon me, but...

Tarek & Mike, I agree with you both.

I think it is in fact appropriate to send out an email informing all the paying stakeholders of this school about where the money of their institution is coming from and thus indirectly, what we are (without consent) symbolically condoning. Whether they want to do anything about it or not (i.e. attend a forum, take a position on the issue, speak out as a legitimate stakeholder) and what they think of it is another question, but I do not think that such an email of new information is out of line. If I can get my inbox cluttered with emails about porn n' chicken and other such blather, I think that an email on such an important issue with new information (not just back and forth argument) that we would likely not be actively informed of otherwise should hardly be reprimanded. I for one appreciate it.

Secondly, I also agree that perhaps the most constructive (or at least expressive) steps would be to hold a forum. If this is indeed is supposed to be a long-standing relationship with Mr. Schulich, well, why not request a meeting with him and/or faculty members to discuss some of these issues, ala The Corporation/Michael Moore style? And editorial in the LFP? the possibilities go on...


Tanya Raha


You guys are such idiots. Always looking for an angle.

jeffrey goldstein <>

listen man. I am really proud of what you did and what you said. I just want you to know that I really respect your honesty, your willingness to make a stand and your bravery.

At least you're self-righteous AND sanctimonious. Keep up the good work!

Tarek and Azad,

Good job. I highly respect you two as my classmate and am proud to say I know you. I think such information would do well in a letters to the media; get their attention and maybe as a result you can get Mr. Schulich's attention onthe issues he has been missing.

His money and his name are tied to our med school and no doubt accessibility is a huge issue to medical students and premeds. I want to consider the possibility of using this donation to press these issues you've mentioned with Mr. Schulich directly; the money is here no matter what, the only thing we can do is to make it as clean possible.

thanks for the info.

good job with the email


Indonesia somewhere: 08129972842

Questions to answer

  • Could UWO invest in Newmont or Blackrock?
  • Is UWO invested in either? [37]