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  • TABLE 3-1 Clinical Manifestations Associated with Acute Airway Obstruction
  • RSI Steps:
    • Preparation of the patient and equipment and assessment of airway difficulty.
    • Positioning patient
    • Preoxygenation with 100% oxygen.
    • Pretreatment: Administration of pretreatment agents to blunt adverse responses to RSI in selected patients. The four most commonly used agents are lidocaine, opioids, defasciculating agents, and atropine.
    • Administration of an induction agent (see Table 3-2).
    • Paralysis: Administration of neuromuscular blockade
    • Protection from passive reflux with cricoid pressure (Sellick’s maneuver).
    • Placement: Insertion of the endotracheal tube.
    • Confirmation of tube placement.