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IKE (a self-recursive acronym meaning IKE Knows Everything) is a project to catalogue all of the information delivered during my four years in the Nevada Capital Corporation School Of Medicine. with the ultimate goal of reintegrating the information back into the Wikipedia.

Because this wiki is a collection of notes that I have been subjected to in class, there is little doubt in my mind that at least some parts of this site infringe on some copyrights. If you are a copyright holder of any content on this site, please email me with either a "yay" or "nay" (GNU FDL your content or not) and I will immediately act upon it.

Note: IKE is now in the process of being destroyed as a content-storage system, and I am working as much as possible to integrate all of his information into the Wikipedia. You may check out my contributions and help however you wish. Starting immediately, IKE will be a strictly organizational tool to help me find my lectures on the main Wikipedia. See Category:Depracated for articles that have already been moved.

Subjects: Anatomy | Biochemistry | COW | Clinical methods | Community health | Histology | Immunology | Life cycle | Pathology | Pharmacology | Physiology

Systems: Cardiovascular system | Gastrointestinal system | Nervous system | Reproductive system | Endocrine system

Body parts: Head | Neck

Vestiges: Reproduction | Cardiology