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  • state the developmental origins of the urogenital and nephrogenic ridges
  • Happens during the 4th week of development
  • intermediate mesoderm (located between the somites and lateral mesoderm) begins to proliferate
  • This forms bilateral, longitudinal urogenital ridges, which bulge into the dorsal aspect of the coelom
  • Nephrogenic ridge (cord): Formed by the lateral part of each ridge
  • which gives rise to much of the urinary system, while the medial part of the ridge becomes the genital, or gonadal ridge, responsible for the formation of parts of the male and female reproductive systems.

  • state the roles of the ureteric bud and metanephric mesoderm in kidney development

  • list the parts of the kidney tubule and duct system that are derived from the ureteric bud and metanephric vesicle

  • outline the ascent of the kidneys and the accompanying changes in blood supply

  • outline the development of the bladder and urethra from the urogenital sinus

  • outline the role of the mesonephric ducts in the formation of the trigone of the bladder

  • explain the following in terms of abnormal development of the urinary system: renal agenesis, pelvic kidney, horseshoe kidney, polycystic, ectopic kidneys, exstrophy bladder .