Inguinal region

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The abdominal inguinal ring.

The inguinal region consists of the inguinal canal, which connects the deep and superficial inguinal rings.

The inguinal canal is an oblique passage through the anterior abdominal wall, parallel to and just above the inguinal ligament. This region is weaker in males than females, due to the descent of the testis. It is approximately 4 cm long, extending from the deep inguinal ring laterally to the superficial inguinal ring, medially. Therefore, the deep inguinal ring is the lateral ring of the inguinal canal, and the superficial ring is the medial ring.

In males, the inguinal canal contains the vas deferens and associated nerves and vessels (spermatic cord). In females, it contains the round ligament of the uterus.


The boundaries of the inguinal region are as follows: