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Dear Mr. Elias,

We are contacting you on behalf of the Palestinian Film Festival committee in London, Ontario, Canada. As you may know, the purpose of the festival is to raise awareness about the issues faced by Palestinians from day to day. Our plan was to run several documentaries, and close the festival with a feature film, which is where Olive Harvest hopefully comes in. As you know, our budget is small (~ 1000 Canadian), so we can only offer approximately $300 USD for performance rights (with the possibility of an additional $100 USD after the festival depending on the amount of donations we get during the festival). We understand that passionate artists put their lives into their work and need to make a living. Given the fixed constraints of our budget, we are doing our best to compensate the film makers that we work with so that they can continue their work. A primary purpose of festivals such as our's, afterall, is the support of such work by making it accessible to new audiences and increasing public awareness and thus future demand for Palestinian cinema.

If you have consumer DVDs for sale (of this or your other work) we can also set up a booth and sell them for you both at the festival and at other related events in the London area.

The festival is sponsored by Sabeel and Canadian Palestinian Association (???), and we would love your support to help make it a success. Please let us know where things stand, and we hope that you can add London, Ontario to the list of cities that have hosted your work.


Azad Mashari

Previous transactions

  • From: "hanna elias" <hannalatif@hotmail.com
  • To: bethwarnerguthrie@yahoo.ca
  • Subject: Canada,London!
  • Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 19:55:22 +0000

Just e mail me the ental you pay for films and I'll tell you. Please note filmmakers works day and night to earn a living and it dosn't pay off and the reason we dosn't have a palestinian cinema coz everyone takes our films and they don't have budget.  If you mean allt he rental films is about $ 800  I think you need to get the documantary films which is average is $ 200.  Anyway, hopefuly this might work once i har from you.  Yes, the Roadblock will be finished in 2 weeks and you might have the premiere!

All the best,


P.S  I e mailed tareq ro see of it could be done via the net.  Also, I'm in Palestine searching for a possible project.

  • From: elizabeth guthrie <bethwarnerguthrie@yahoo.ca
  • To: hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com
  • Subject: Re: Canda. RE: showing The Olive Harvest in London Canada
  • Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 16:53:36 -0500 (EST)

Hi Hanna,

Thank you for your reply on Feb. 4.  We need The Olive Harvest in DVD for our film series.  We plan to show it in May at a location in downtown London Canada that accomodates about 100 people.  This will be the only feature film in our series.  The other films that we hope to show during the three days will all be documentaries, and we are looking forward to having a film that tells a love story.  Our budget for films at the series is about $1000CDN, which is only about $800US.  Please let us know your price. Also, please send more information about your film on roadblocks.   We need to know if it is ready for showing and how much it will cost to buy or rent it. Could you send us a preview copy of The Olive Harvest?  If you want to send it electronically, you could send it to a younger member of our group who has the technology required to download it for preview.  He's at tarek@tarek.2y.net.  Or if you want to mail it, it's:

Beth Guthrie 108 - 230 Clarke Road London ON CANADA N5W 5P8

hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com wrote:

Thanks,  do you need it in 35mm, DVD or Beta?  And if you tell me a budget, that might help in the decision.  Alos, I'll have a 20 mint's doc' on roadblocks! Hanna

  • From: elizabeth guthrie <bethwarnerguthrie@yahoo.ca
  • To: hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com
  • Subject: showing The Olive Harvest in London Canada
  • Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 09:19:49 -0500 (EST)

Hi Hanna,

Last year I corresponded with you about getting your film for our first film series.  We were unsuccessful at that time, and now we are planning our second annual Palestinian film series in London Canada on May 12-14, 2004.  We would very much like to have your film as a part of it.  Could you please send me the information that I would need to order your film?  Is it yet available for this kind of showing?

We are a group of 3 organizations (Canadian Friends of Sabeel, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, Canadian Palestinian Association) in a small city in Canada devoted to increasing public awareness of Palestinian rights.  Our film series last year was very successful.  We intend once again to show a combination of documentaries and feature films to bring in a wide range of the local community.

thank you, Beth Guthrie Canadian Friends of Sabeel London Canada

hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com wrote:

Thanks a lot.  Let's keep in touch for future activities. Good luck,


P.S.  I'll contact the festival sbelow. Thanks.

  • From: elizabeth guthrie <bethwarnerguthrie@yahoo.ca
  • To: hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com
  • Subject: Re: Canada, London Festival.  Friends of Sabeel
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 08:27:27 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Hanna,

Our film festival went ahead without your film, unfortunately.  However, we felt it was a great success, in that we brought out people to view the films who would not have come to a talk, and who were not the usual ones already committed to our cause.

Congratulations on the success The Olive Harvest has had at festivals around the world.  I am anxious to see it when possible.  I am sure that Sabeel would love to have you bring it to London Ontario Canada as a fund-raiser if you are anywhere nearby..

Also, doyou know about the CanPalNet film festival to take place this fall?   http://www.a-zone.org/canpalfilmfest/about.html

Unfortunately, that film festival is not coming to London Ontario this year.  I hope to get local groups organized in time to bring the next, 2005 version, to London.  This year, I hope to go to Toronto to see some of the films.

Thank you for your interest, and the best of luck in you future endeavors.


hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com wrote:

Dear Elizabeth,I have no idea if I sent you a tape or not!  Anyway, I was on the road all over tryog to market the film.  Please let me know if you still wish to screen it.  Sorry for the no communication.  I would love to help.  Especially an org' like Sabeel.

If you want to wait till I'm in your area, we can do a fundriasing for Sabeel.


  • From: elizabeth guthrie <bethwarnerguthrie@yahoo.ca
  • To: hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com
  • Subject: Re: London Festival
  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 19:55:29 -0500 (EST)

Dear Hanna,

I looked at the website for The Olive Harvest.  It looks like a very interesting film that would be suitable for our little film festival.  London is a small city in Canada.  We plan to show the movies in the auditorium of the city's art gallery.  Our preferred medium is VHS videotape in a North American format, but we could also use a DVD, though we would have to rent the projection equipment.  The purpose of our film festival is to inform people in London about the situation in the occupied territories.  Canadian Friends of Sabeel-London has a small budget and could not pay more than $200 US.  As I said in yesterday's email, we would not charge admission, but only take donations to help to cover our costs.

Would you please let me know your charge to us, and whether you could send us a copy of your film on VHS for preview before we decide to show it?

Thank you,

Beth Guthrie


hanna elias <hannalatif@hotmail.com wrote:

Thnkas a lot for your interet.  Please clarify:

London in England?!  And what do you mean bu Ontario!?  IS this one screening?

Can you use Beta PAL or DVD PAL.  If you prefer 35mm it's about $800 for the shipment alone.

Finally what is the minimum fee for the rental for the Olive Harvest that you can afford?

I also have a 25 minutes documantary called Roadblcks that will be finished end of March.  I have already a VHS that I can show you.

Both films I have produced the film with my own funds.  I can't donate it even I would love that.



P.S  You can visit  www.theoliveharvest.com for more info'.

  • From: elizabeth guthrie
  • To: hannalatif@hotmail.com
  • Subject: Olive Harvest - request for price quote for screening
  • Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 16:57:51 -0500 (EST)

Canadian Friends of Sabeel-London plans to hold a Palestinian Film Festival in London, Ontario on the theme of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, to take place on the evenings of May 28-29, 2004.  We have 2 requests:

First, a copy of your film, Olive Harvest, on VHS videotape, to preview for inclusion in our film festival.

Second, the price you would charge us to show your film to the general public, who would not be charged to come to the showing, but rather, invited to make a donation to cover the costs of the film festival.  Further details of our proposed festival are below my signature.

Please reply as soon as possible, so that we can firm up our plans for this festival.

Beth Guthrie


The Event:

Canadian Friends of Sabeel-London plans to hold a Palestinian Film Festival in London, Ontario on the theme of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. It will take place on the evenings of May 28-29, 2004 and will screen both documentaries and feature films. The goal of this event is to educate viewers in London of the harsh realities of the occupation and to spur them to action). Among the issues which will be covered through the films will be the history of the Palestinian expulsion, the Oslo peace process, Israel’s daily violence, oppression and humiliation of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, the land grab and seizure of Palestinian resources, as well as the absurdity of the current restrictions of curfews, checkpoints, closures and barriers. In addition, the Festival will touch on the situation of the ‘present absentees’  - Palestinians who were expelled from their homes in 1948 but who remain in Is rael and are deprived of basic services.


The purpose of the film festival is to educate the London community on the negative effects of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian lives.  CFOS-London hopes to reach the audience in a way that goes beyond the news headlines about the ‘cycle’ of violence to present a more accurate reflection of the occupation and its destructive nature. Our target audience will be those who are politically aware and interested but relatively uneducated about the asymmetrical nature of the conflict and the harsh measures imposed on the Palestinians. While some of those interested will naturally be from the Arab-Canadian community, our goal is to also reach the churches and the general population.


The Festival will take place on the weekend of May 28-29, 2004 in London on the  Friday and Saturday evening.


The location of the Festival is Museum London, situated at 421 Ridout North  in downtown London. The museum is well frequented and easy to find. Its modern theatre seats about 150 people.


Each evening will run from approximately 7 p.m to 10:30 p.m. A member of Sabeel will chair the event and briefly introduce each film. The first film will be a documentary of approximately one hour in length. It will be followed by an intermission of 20 minutes and the screening of a feature film of about 90 minutes.  There will be different films on each evening. CFOS-London will not sell tickets for the event but will request donations, a strategy, which from our previous experience has proven successful in covering and sometimes exceeding our costs. It will also likely allow us to purchase the screening rights to the film at a lower price.