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==OPENING (0:20)==
# AUD: Music
# IMG: Girl Silhouette
# HCI Logo
# IMG: Sign - Victims of Nature and Society
# VIDEO: Kids walking past
A hundred years from now
it will not matter...
What my bank account was,
The sort of house I lived in
The kind of car I drove...
But the world may be better
Because I was important
In the life of a Child
# IMG:? 
#* VOICE: Founded in 1992, Handi-Care International is currently one of the top South Asian organizations in Canada that strive for empowering the poor rural disabled. HCI is managed entirely by dedicated volunteers who donate office space and hours of devoted service. We are thus able to achieve a fund disbursment of over 95% to charitable programs.
===Birth of HCI===
# IMG: SK with kids
# IMG; Ramakrishnan
# IMG: Sankara Raman
# IMG: ASSA Sign
# IMG: ASSA picture
# IMG: Sridhar
# IMG: Maithri sign
# IMG: Maithri picture
#* VOICE: A childhood dream, to help the helpless, to activate a change, to get a taste of service, finally found expression in 1992. A shower of grace to quench the thirst came from unexpected quarters yet at the most fitting moment.  As if a long awaited validation had just arrived, the final arousal call came, when the founder of Handi-Care Intl., received repeated requests to help a project undertaken by 2 severely disabled men confined to wheelchairs – Ramakrishnan and Sankara Raman. Their undertaking was to educate and rehabilitate poor rural disabled children from the seats of their wheelchairs, in the name of Amar Seva Sangam.  Seeing the dedication and commitment of these 2 extraordinary men brought in the thrust to start HCI and to participate in the rebuilding of thousands of lives that were fragmented by poverty, disability and social stigma.
Yet another remarkable man – R. Sreedhar - a polio victim, who has no use of his legs – has transformed the lives of innocent children by rescuing them from child labour.  He envisioned Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust in 1991 and has extended himself to other remarkable endeavors.  Our introduction to Sreedhar, soon after the official beginning of HCI has only strengthened our resolve to assist them in everyway possible.
Thus our unique and humble beginning, is fittingly dedicated to the Visionaries – Ramakrishnan, Sankara Raman and Sridhar who are severely disabled, yet have created empires that are farfetched to fathom from a common man’s perspective. More will follow on their incredible achievements rendered through empathy, will power and divine grace.
===Purpose of HCI===
project as appropriate or make a slide of the same content
“To raise funds in Canada, that support projects involving education, rehabilitation and vocational training for differently able and disadvantaged persons, undertaken by highly reputable and accountable charitable organizations of South Asian descent. Our target population is mostly children and youth up to 21years of age.  Our goal is to empower the target population to lead independent livesâ€?.
project as appropriate or make a slide of the same content
Rehabilitate, educate and empower disadvantaged persons of South Asian descent by promoting awareness, effective partnerships and fund raising
===Activities of Handi-Care Intl. – At a glance===
Project video / slides from ASSA with youth volunteers or board member (Sankaran) / or just make a slide of this
The target Population is Rural poor disabled children & youth, children subjected to child labour and destitute women. 
Target area of service : All current projects are in Rural India. (Project slides of rural India if u have )
Focal points of our activities are:
Education & Life skill training for the Physically & mentally challenged.
Rehabilitation of the target population to achieve reasonable independence.
Vocational Training, commensurate with individual capacity with a goal for job placement.
Rural development through adult education and infrastructure building.
Volunteer placements at project facilities to promote volunteerism, goodwill and an exchange of culture and value system.
How do we carry out the activities? We choose highly reputable, dedicated and accountable Non Governmental organizations that fit our criteria for development and the number 1 among them is none other than Amar Seva Sangam …..
===ASSA (6:00)===
Raja… expand on this
[RS] ASSA (6 min)
Slides/footage covering major activity areas in sequence
Home children
MR/CP daycare
DYT program/Vocational Training
Health Camps
===NESAM (2:00)===
Equally commendable work is being done by Nesam – a centre for the mentally challenged, located in a small rural town called Arcot in Tamil Nadu
Raja… expand on this
===Maithree (2:00)===
Another most befitting endeavor we have undertaken is with Maithri Educational Trust of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Though a project in a big city, it attracted our attention when we learnt that children put to child labor by force can be easily rescued from the imminent peril and that Mr. Sreedhar was doing just that and doing it too well with limited resources both physically and financially.
Dinesh…..expand on this
===Local Initiatives (3:00)===
project video and slides of our volunteers in India
It was always a desire of Handi-Care Intl. to initiate programs to help disabled and elderly persons in the community.  At this juncture we see our youth as the building blocks for such endeavor. Handi-Care Intl. has always encouraged, sought help and involved youth from our community in all ventures.  We envisage our youth as the visionaries, architects and directors of Handi-Care Intl. in the future. Hence it is our responsibility to groom them to adopt the role with ease and zest.
“Volunteer placementsâ€? is the derivative of such concept. In 2003, 3 volunteers visited India and worked with Amar Seva Sangam for 2 months. They focused on a research study “Rehabilitation and Integration of disabled in rural Indiaâ€?.  They came up with a 15 page report which became a primary reference guide to implement suggestions and recommendations by Amar Seva Sangam in the course of last year. The volunteers were able to apply their knowledge and skills learnt here to make suggestions suitable for the Indian environment, while imbibing the culture and value of the local sphere. 5 volunteers were placed in the summer of 2004 with equally spectacular results and leads.
====IHI (0:30)====
India Health Initiative was born out of the volunteers’ first visit.  Rajan Suppiah and Dinesh Krishna registered IHI under the auspices of Uni of Western Ontario as a non profit charitable entity, which will allow IHI to select candidates for placements in India.
[AM] Volunteer Placement (IHI) (30 sec) IHI group photo,
[SK] IHI was started by Handicare volunteers (HIV education, ASSA etc)
====Forum for needs assessment (?)====
continue with above
In June 2004, Handi-Care Intl., conducted a Workshop to carry out a “needs assessment� in the GTA pertaining to the south Asian population. It was well attended and the deficiencies in the Govt. run programs pertaining to the needs of South Asians came to light. Handi-Care Intl. needs to build a large human resource base and funding base before we can implement any program. At this juncture we invite the public to come forward and express their interest, ability and availability to carry this forward.
==HOW TO GIVE (3:00)==
Handi-Care Intl. is run by volunteers with funds raised from donors like your selves. Many of you are familiar with the 3 major schemes that are result oriented, has a tangible connection with the beneficiary and assure a long term commitment.
Project before and now slides.  Either through creating endowments or by yearly sponsorships, very deserving poor rural children with mental or physical disability are put thru specific rehab programs, gearing to individual needs and capacity with a goal to empower them with life skills and vocation and to integrate them with the society. This program is targeted for the age group of 3 to 19. Currently there are 65 children under this scheme at Amar Seva Sangam, 26 at Nesam and 27 children at Maithri sponsored by Handi-Care Intl. amounting to a total of 118. In addition, about 10 children have successfully completed the rehabilitation and gone on to the next level, as we will soon see. They are promptly replaced by new candidates.
===Sponsor a Youth===
Next level of rehabilitation takes us to SPONSOR A YOUTH Scheme:  Project youth in training photos.  Disabled youth are trained in different vocations based on the ability, aptitude and practical application of the skills. Eligible youth between the ages of 18 to 25 are chosen and placed in the program for a period ranging from 6 months to 4 years, depending on the course. The candidates are provided with boarding and lodging at Amar Seva Sangam. Apart from Vocational Training they also receive physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and Life skills education. Further they are helped to find jobs and with follow up counseling.
===Meal for a Day===   
That brings us to the MEAL FOR A DAY Scheme (project slides of kids praying and eating, and other as appropriate) which is a highly affordable, tangible and very effective program. Names and special dates of the donor are immortalized by feeding the disabled residents at Amar Seva Sangam on a particular date every year at the choice of the donor.  For example, a birthday, wedding anniversary or even a death anniversary of a loved one gets venerated, year after year.
Details of all the programs and how you can participate are available in the souvenir book and at the website. We encourage you to take a closer look at them. Pledge forms are available in the books. Pls. use them.
==Closing (1:00)==
===HCI Board===
Prepare slides for these:
Raja Ramanathan BSc (IIT), MBA (IIM-Ahmedabad): President of Handi-Care Intl. since Jan 2004. Joined as a board member in 2003. Raja is a human Resources professional with Bayer. Has worked at Easter Seals, March of Dimes and Ontario Nurses Association. An indispensable member of Handi-Care Intl. and he will be spearheading the Local Initiatives.
Sulo Krishnamurthy MSc : Vice-President. Sulo Krishnamurthy is the founder of Handi-Care Intl. and led the organization as President from 1992 to 2003. The passion and zeal that she brings in has seen significant growth and sustained Handi-Care Intl. over the years. The tireless support of her husband and active involvement of her son Dinesh are immeasurable.
Srini B. Srinivasan BEng, PMP, CISA: Secretary – Joined the board in 2003 and has been actively involved in all of Handi-Care Intl. ‘s endeavor. He has been a donor and supporter since the beginning of HCI and we consider it a blessing that he has joined the board. 
Sundra Rajan CGA: Treasurer – Being a donor and supporter since the beginning, Sunder joined as board member in 1998 and has consistently stood behind the sustenance and growth of Handi-Care Intl.
Arun Luthra CA: Board member – Joined in 2003 and been an active member since. His professional expertise is indispensable to HCI.
Meena Suppiah: Board member – Joined in 2003 and been an active member since.  Meena has a special touch embellished by her empathy towards the needy and by her fervor to bring about positive changes in the world.  Her son Rajan is an active volunteer. 
Pancha Sankaran BTech (IIT,India) MBA (IIM, Ahmedabad) -  Board member  - Joined in 2003 and been an vital  member since. The synergy, insightfulness and professionalism that Sankaran brings in are indeed indispensable along with those of Gita Sankaran.
Sathish Subramanian – Board member - Joined in 2001 and has been invaluable since. He is a model candidate. Born deaf, Sathish has overcome the impediment and is now a successful professional.
Latha Sukumar MA,LLB - Past Board of Director and Officer – Latha served on HCI board for 7 years and her increased work load and commitments in her profession have forced her to resign from HCI board. She is still active as an “Advisory Board Member�.
Other volunteers: These people have worked tirelessly from behind the scene and deserve just much credit. There are too many of them to mention here. Our special thanks to everyone of them...
===Thank You===
Video: Children crawling into classroom
Script: Sulo, Dinesh, Rajan, Azad
Video & Photography: Rajan, Azad
Audio Recording: Mathu
Voice: Kavitha
Editing: Azad
HCI contact info/URL

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