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* Any notes here...
===General Mandates===
* Emphasizing connection between health and other social factors (Economy, Sociology, Anthropology)
===International Projects & Fundraising===
* Improved communication and coordination between Tanzania, China and India projects
** Coordinated fundraising within faculty
** Protection of Tanzia Project's funding sources
** Exploration of new funding sources for China and India
*** Are both projects feasable?
* Setting up named annual studentships for international projects
* Airmiles donations from international researchers
* Plan fundrasing strategy, learn some fundraising
====Common Ground for the Projects====
* Scholarship fund
* Fundraising territory devision
* Multi-site research projects
* Web resources
===Curriculum Development===
===Community Outreach===
* School visits:
===Speaker Series===
===Discussion Groups===
* Dr. John Howard
* Dr. Checceto (spelling ?)
* Tanya Raha
* Nelvia Van Dorp
* Sachdeep Rehsia
* Jackie Joza, Hippocratic Council International Health Coordinator (IHI)
* Dinesh Krishna (IHI)
* Lisa Mu (IHI)
* Julie Johnstone (MO)
* Quang Ngo (MO)
* Other MO members
* Puja Kumar (MSIC)
* Megan Acsai (MSIC)
* Nathanial Dostrovsky (MSIC)
* Add other MSIC members
* Add medoutreach people
===External Contacts===
* Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara, McMaster
* Dr. Allan Connoley (spelling ?)
* Dr. Paula Donahue
48 Rosebery Pl.
St. Thomas
N5R 2H7
==Document Archive==
* [[GHIG Constitution 2004-2005|2004-2005]]
* [[GHIG Constitution 2003-2004|2003-2004]]
* [[GHIG Budget 2004-2005|2004-2005]]
* [[GHIG Budget 2003-2004|2003-2004]]
==Meeting Notes==
===Handover Meeting 5 September 2004===
===Fundraising Meeting 13 September 2004===
* Present: Shiraz, Azad, Thiv
* Food: Chicken by Shiraz
* Tasks
*# Fundraising info package (Azad)
*## What is the Money for?
*##* Outreach projects
*##* International project scholarship fund
*##* Speaker series
*##* Curriculum
*## Countries covered by global health discussions/events
*# Scholarship fund
*## Purpose of the fund
*## Who will qualify
*##* Fund and the outreach projects. Do we want their help? What do we want to propose at the retreat?
*## Terms (naming, multi year commitment)
*## How much money - Different sizes?
*## What will the donors get
* Fundraising Ideas
*# Contacting big people
*#* Eye on Asia (Shiraz)
*#* Nav Pathia of Hundai of Mississauga (Shiraz)
*#* MPPs (Shiraz)
*#* Thiv's uncle contact into the Indian money pot community
*#* List of Philanthropists (Azad send to Shiraz)
*# International food fair (london restaurants) with proceeds going to Global Health
*#* Legal issues?
*#* Venue: Great Hall, (Shiraz)
*#* List of restaurants - getting some responses (Thiv)
*# Holding fundraisers at USC (Shiraz)
*# 50-50 draw
*# T-shirts (Shiraz on prices)
*# Local Sponsorships (pictures from the projects framed, sold to businesses)
*#* Restaurants
*#* Clinics (medical/dental)
*#* Businesses
*# Art/photo exhibit with $5 ticket and auction
* IHI/MSIC fundraising ideas
*# Small-scale publicity/fundraising attempts.
*#* Culture lunches? Open to wider audience.
*#* Food sales (Samosa) wider audience Chai, Cold Drinks.
*#* Film screenings.
*#* Guess how much Sach's hair is...
*#* Diwali (Date)
===Speakers Series 16 September 2004===
* Goal: To have an event in early-mid October
* Ideas
** Students presenting their summer electives
** Movie night followed by wine and cheese with faculty involved in IH projects (Azad send Dennis faculty list)
** Info session from medical organizations that take med students (Eisar compiling List)
* Pooling contacts (Everyone add contact info to GHIG page or send to Azad)

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The GHIG Wiki page has been moved to http://freedom.2y.net/uwowiki/index.php/GHIG.