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* Chairs
* Chairs
** Azad Mashari [mailto:amashari@uwo.ca]
** Azad Mashari [mailto:amashari@uwo.ca]
** Jenn Kane [mailto:jjkane@uwo.ca]
** Jenn Kane [mailto:jjkane@uwo.ca]
* Senior Advisors
* Senior Advisors

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  • Any notes here...


General Mandates

  • Emphasizing connection between health and other social factors (Economy, Sociology, Anthropology)

International Projects & Fundraising

  • Improved communication and coordination between Tanzania, China and India projects
    • Coordinated fundraising within faculty
    • Protection of Tanzia Project's funding sources
    • Exploration of new funding sources for China and India
      • Are both projects feasable?
  • Setting up named annual studentships for international projects
  • Airmiles donations from international researchers
  • Plan fundrasing strategy, learn some fundraising

Common Ground for the Projects

  • Scholarship fund
  • Fundraising territory devision
  • Multi-site research projects
  • Web resources

Curriculum Development

Community Outreach

  • School visits:

Speaker Series

Discussion Groups




  • Dr. John Howard
  • Dr. Checceto (spelling ?)


  • Chairs
    • Azad Mashari [1]
    • Jenn Kane [2]
  • Senior Advisors
    • Tanya Raha [3]
    • Nelvia Van Dorp [4]
    • Sherryn Rambihar [5]
  • Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster
    • Jeremy Mozzon [6]
  • Speakers Series & Events
    • Dennis Bhui [7]
    • Eisar Al-Sukhni [8]
  • Internal Education
    • Azad Mashari [9]
    • Kavitha Passaperuma [10]
  • Education Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations and Promotion
    • Sachdeep Rehsia srehsia2@uwo.ca
  • External Officer
  • Clinical, Service and Research Electives
    • Nathaniel Dostrovsky [17]
  • International Health Discussion Group
    • Jacqueline joza [18]
  • Liasons
    • CFMS International Health Liason: Jacqueline joza [19]
    • Med Outreach Tanzania:
    • Medical Students Initiatives in China: Nathaniel Dostrovsky [20]
    • India Health Initiative: Azad Mashari [21]
    • Ecosystem Health Liason: Azad Mashari [22]
  • Special Projects
    • Recycling Hospital Equipment: Jenn Kane [23]


  • Dinesh Krishna (IHI)
  • Lisa Mu (IHI)
  • Julie Johnstone (MO)
  • Quang Ngo (MO)
  • Puja Kumar (MSIC)
  • Megan Acsai (MSIC)

External Contacts

Potential Speakers

  • Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara, McMaster
  • Dr. Allan Connoley (spelling ?)
  • Dr. Paula Donahue (48 Rosebery Pl. St. Thomas. N5R 2H7, 633-3514. [24])

Document Archive



Meeting Notes

Handover Meeting 5 September 2004

  • TO DO

- Retreat Plan (Contact Drs. H and C) - Incorporate Tanya's meeting notes - Go over Tanya's CD - Write draft fundraising proposal for GHIG scholarship fund, send to inner circle for review, consult faculty advisor. - Set up mailing list. Transfer infro from yahoo accounts - uwoglobalhealth/uwoghig - Mandate/constitution - Set up basic website - Make fundraising to do list/calendar and strategy with Shiraz (include community events - money and publicity)

      • MEETINGS

- Meeting with Shiraz - Exec Meeting - General Meeting - 22 October Curriculum development workshop for Thames Valley (Nadira)

- IHI slide show/video for recruitment

TO DO - Visit MEOP site to see how they organize the student reports of overseas experinces - Northern Canada Projects/First Nations (Nelvia) Coordinate with Rural Medicine in Action

POSSIBLE PRESENTATION/MEETING - How to get involved in international projects (for first years) Intro by one person to available organizations First hand experieces - SPEAKER: Health Economics and [other social factors] - Recycling Medical Supplies from Hospitals Group - Global Health and Ecosystem Health (Cooperation with Ecosystem health IG and other Groups)

FUNDRAISING MEETING WITH SHIRAZ Monday 13 September 2004 Present: Shiraz, Azad, Thiv

- Schulich for Ecosystem Health - Iveys (Dr. Howard) for IH scholarship fund - EFC -

Fundraising Meeting 13 September 2004

  • Present: Shiraz, Azad, Thiv
  • Food: Chicken by Shiraz
  • Tasks
    1. Fundraising info package (Azad)
      1. What is the Money for?
        • Outreach projects
        • International project scholarship fund
        • Speaker series
        • Curriculum
      2. Countries covered by global health discussions/events
    2. Scholarship fund
      1. Purpose of the fund
      2. Who will qualify
        • Fund and the outreach projects. Do we want their help? What do we want to propose at the retreat?
      3. Terms (naming, multi year commitment)
      4. How much money - Different sizes?
      5. What will the donors get
  • Fundraising Ideas
    1. Contacting big people
      • Eye on Asia (Shiraz)
      • Nav Pathia of Hundai of Mississauga (Shiraz)
      • MPPs (Shiraz)
      • Thiv's uncle contact into the Indian money pot community
      • List of Philanthropists (Azad send to Shiraz)
    2. International food fair (london restaurants) with proceeds going to Global Health
      • Legal issues?
      • Venue: Great Hall, (Shiraz)
      • List of restaurants - getting some responses (Thiv)
    3. Holding fundraisers at USC (Shiraz)
    4. 50-50 draw
    5. T-shirts (Shiraz on prices)
    6. Local Sponsorships (pictures from the projects framed, sold to businesses)
      • Restaurants
      • Clinics (medical/dental)
      • Businesses
    7. Art/photo exhibit with $5 ticket and auction
  • IHI/MSIC fundraising ideas
    1. Small-scale publicity/fundraising attempts.
      • Culture lunches? Open to wider audience.
      • Food sales (Samosa) wider audience Chai, Cold Drinks.
      • Film screenings.
      • Guess how much Sach's hair is...
      • Diwali (Date)

Speakers Series 16 September 2004

  • Event Ideas
    • Presentation on getting involved with Global Health (with Dr. Howard or Dr. Cechetto) and students presenting their summer elective experiences
      • Date: First week October (⇒ Dennis to contact Dr. Howard/Cechetto; pick date, book room, uwo meds entry)
    • Movie night followed by wine and cheese with faculty involved in IH projects
      • Plan: Dennis to contact Dr. Howard re date and if he is willing to host it. Then announce the event. Eisar to send out invitation to faculty list.
      • Date: late October-First week November
    • Info session from medical organizations that take med students
      • Date: ?
      • Eisar compiling list of contacts
    • Photgraphy exhibit and sale fundraiser
      • Eisar to start gathering list of students and faculty with photos
      • Azad and Eisar will then gather/select and manage the printing/mounting
    • Combined event with Family Medicine IG
      • Date: December
    • Stephen Lewis ?
      • Date: New year. Possibly as part of symposium.
      • Plan: Jenn and Dennis to figure out how we can get a hold of him
    • Panel discussion/Symposium: Perspectives on Medical Intervention in International Crisis
      • Date: ~ March 28th week
      • Participants: Speakers from various groups like MSF, ICRC, and more radical groups
      • Planning group: Eisar, Dennis, Azad, Jenn, Tanya, Tarek, Thiv, Smita, Dan)
      • Action plant: Azad write brief description of event send to group and faculty or feedback, then get contact info, send out letters...
      • Good place to invovle other student groups e.g. Amnesty, War Child, as well as other universities
    • Panel discussion/symposium: Global Health, Geopolitics, Global Economics: What global politics, economics and social factors have to do with practicing health care in Canada
      • Date: ?
      • In-house speakers from different faculties (med school, nursing, ivey, etc)
      • Plan: Azad to write and circulate proposal
  • Compiling list of potential speakers
    • Plan: Everyone add contact info to GHIG Wiki page or send to Azad. Dennis gathering Tanya Nelvia external speaker list, to send to Eisar who will append it to the faculty email for wine and cheese mingler and ask for more names.
  • Mac conference - Womens Health in Global Health... Next Friday?
    • Plan: Jenn to email out date and organize group to go

  • Azad send out exec list and wiki address to all exec as well as dinner invitation
  • Send Eisar contact for Simona Powell to see if MSF docs can give presentations (Also War Child, Unicef, Other Groups).
  • GHIG Website rush Activites and Plans