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How could Americans call it genocide but not do anything about it?

To date, close to one million Darfuris have been driven from their homes, over 30, 000 have been killed while an estimated 170, 000 have sought refuge in neighbouring Chad. [1]

"We don’t do body counts" - Tommy Franks

Powell: "Today we are calling on the United Nations to initiate a full investigation ... The evidence leads us to the conclusion that genocide has occurred and may still be occurring in Darfur." [2]

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin gave a moving speech at the United Nations on September 22, 2004. "Tens of thousands have been murdered, raped and assaulted,� he said. “War crimes and crimes against humanity have been committed."

"They are hungry, they are homeless, they are sick and many have been driven out of their own country."

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