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Popular consultation

  • One problem seems to be the lack of coordination with the larger populace.. If they invest more in creating the system, a) it is more likely to be something they want, and b) they are more likely to use it.
  • Sending out online or email surveys would have a natural selection bias, selecting out those who may need the reforms the most (those who are least tech savvy).
  • Some combination of paper and digital surveys may be most appropriate.

To do


  • Find out about the clubs redirection(ie if we had more space by hosting at the CBLC clubs could each get site that was uwomeds.com/celebrating cultures)
  • Renew uwomeds.com hosting and dns registration - ASAP


  • Talk to The Man about cooperation on this
  • Decide on how many mailing lists / what mailing lists should be created
  • Implement Mailman
  • Send out public information about the usage


  • Create a documentation infrastructure that is dynamic and durable
  • Document everything
  • Follow through transition period next year and revise infrastructure as necessary
  • Sustainability is key. Tarek clearly has more skills than most, so any new creations have to be able to be modified by future DITs
    • Sustainability criteria:
      1. Senior/Junior DIT documentation review
      2. Does the site use well-accepted methods, open-source software, and well-used languages?
      3. Does all software programming happen in an accepted OSS language (i.e., C instead of C++; PHP instead of ASP; MySQL instead of Oracle)?

Hippo Executive

  • set concrete objectives/ projects for september and January review