Cranial nerve

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Pair Number Name Site Exit Name Mneumonic Sensory Mneumonic
I Olfactory Nasal cavity/septum Cribiform plate On Some
II Optic Eye (Retina) Optic canal Old Say
III Oculomotor Extraocular muscles (levator palpabrae, superior medial, inferior rectus, inferior oblique) superior orbital fissure Olympus' Marry
Parasympathetic accommodation (ciliary muscle, iris)
IV Trochlear extraocular muscle (superior oblique) Superior orbital fissure Towering Money
V Trigeminal Tops But
V1: Opthalmic (sensory) forhead,scalp,upper eyelid, nose, nasal cavity/septum, frontal ethmoidal, sphenoidal sinuses Superior orbital fissure
V2: Maxillary (sensory) face (between lower eyelid & upper lip), temple, maxillary teeth & gums, nasal cavity/septum, maxillary sinus, palate, nasopharyn Foramen rotundum
V3: Mandibular (both) M:muscles of mastication, tensor palati & tympani; S:temple, scalp, ear, face (between lower lip & chin), cheek, mandibular teeth & gums, floor of mouth, anterior tongue Foramen ovale
VI Abducent lateral rectus Superior orbital fissure A My
VII Facial Internal auditory meatus Finn Brother
motor muscles of facial expression, stapedius
general sensory external auditory meatus, eardrum
special sensory (taste) tongue (anterior two-thirds)
parasympathetic glands (submandibular, sublingual, lacrimal, nasal, palatine)
VIII Acoustic balance, hearing Internal auditory meatus And Says
IX Glossopharyngeal Jugular foramen German Big
motor stlophayngeus
general sensory oropharynx (including tongue - posterior third), tympanic cavity
sensory (taste) tongue (posterior third)
sensory (bp, O2) carotid sinus, body
parasympathetic parotid gland
X Vagus Jugular foramen Viewed Brains
motor muscles of pharynx (including palate), larynx
general sensory laryngopharynx, larynx, trachea
parasympathetic thorax, abdomen
XI Accessory (Spinal) Sterno-cleido-mastoid, trapezius Jugular foramen Some Matter
XII Hypoglossal Muscles of tongue Hypoglossal foramen Hops More


A basal view of cranial nerve origins