Cranial cavity

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  • The part of the skull that houses the brain
  • Contains three teirs:
    1. anterior cranial fossa - contains the frontal lobes of the brain
    2. middle cranial fossa - contains the temporal lobes
    3. posterior cranial fossa - contains the cerebellum and brain stem


Side view of the skull
Left infratemporal fossa
The skull from the front
Base of the skull. Upper surface.


  • Coronal
  • Lambdoidal
  • Saggital


Cranial nerves

  • See Cranial nerves
  • name the cranial nerves, state where they originate from the CNS, where they exit from the cranial cavity and their general functions

Intracranial arteries

describe the intracranial course of the arteries supplying the brain, name their main branches and state their areas of supply

Circle of Willis

Anterior cerebral artery

Middle cerebral artery

Posterior cerebral artery

Central arteries

state the origin and intracranial location of the middle meningeal artery and its significance in intracranial haemorrhage.