Communication disorders

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To describe the communication disorders seen across the life cycle including expressive language disorders, receptive language disorders and phonological disorders

  • Could be problems with speech, fluency, or language

Fluency Disruption

  • When a child's breathing is interrupted
  • When the person exhibits great difficulty in speaking

Voice Disorders

  • Problems with the quality of the voice
  • e.g., harsh, resonant, breathy, nasal

Language Disorders

  • Distinct from speech disorders
  • Involve an actual malprocessing of what is being communicated
  • Usually comorbid social issues

Social Communication problems

  • Trouble starting, maintaining, or changing topics
  • Usually with other poor social skills

To describe the importance of effective receptive and expressive language at all stages in life

To describe some of the problems that may result from deficits in receptive and expressive language

To know how to refer a person to have treatment for communication disorders

  • On a sheet of paper, eh?