Childhood development timeline

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4 months: Tongue extrusion reflex extinguishes

6 months: Solid foods

8-12 months: primary teeth erupt

12 months: Drinking from cup

Red Flags

  • Age (months) Clinical Observation
  • 2 Not turning toward sights or sounds
  • 4–5 No social smiling or cooing
  • 8–9 Not reaching for objects or reciprocating emotions/expressions
  • 12 No signs of expression or immitative sound exchange with caregivers
  • 18 No signs of complex problem-solving interactions (following 2-step directions)
  • 24 Not using words to get needs met
  • 36–48 No signs of using logical ideas with caregivers or pretend play with toys
  • Note: Serious emotional difficulties in parents or family members at any time warrant full evaluation.