Cellular immunity

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What are cellular immune responses? Give examples

  • Used for intracellular pathogens
  • Involves CD8+ cytotoxic lymphocytes (CTLs) and macrophages

Primary response

  • Activated in two ways: Cross presentation vs. direct presentation
  • Cross-presentation is one way in which CD8+ T cells can be activated....
  • Viral antigens from infected cells (epithelial, say)
  • Bind MHC Class 2
  • Meets CD4+ T cell which specifically recognizes the peptide bound to the class II MHC
  • T Cell binds and begins the manufacture of Th1 cytokines
  • The cytokines go and activate precursor CTL CD8+T cells
  • These cells become CD8+ CTL cells
  • The T cells will then go and screen all cells for virus infection
  • ?????? what is this ?????
  • In cross-presentation, the peptides that usually do the direct presentation would instead go directly into a class I MHC binding and go kill the cell.. Something something CD8
  • The cells will then go straight to the place where the inflammation is occuring (chemotaxis? cytokines?)

Secondary response

  • Not as much costimulation is required
  • The reaction is not as vigorous

What are the primary features of cellular immune responses in terms of cytokine production and functional effects?

What are CTLs? How do they kill?

  • Cytotoxic lymphocytes

What is linked recognition of B cell and T cell epitopes

What are plasma cells?

What APC has to activate T cells in a primary response? Why?

  • CD4+?????