Adulthood, Old Age, Death and Dying

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Understand the physiological and psychosocial challenges that we face as we grow older, and undergo role changes; e.g. menarche, pregnancy, menopause, andropause, retirement, death and dying


  • less resilience to physical stressors, etc.
  • highly contingent on past history, genetics, external environment
  • bone demineralization
  • increased hearing loss and vision impairment


  • elderly may seek more emotionally gratifying interactions instead of material results

Be able to identify how these changes impact on risk for developing different disorders

  • Multiple losses of close support structure could affect psychological wellbeing
  • Physical deterioration (e.g., bone density loss, decreased immunity) increases risk for physical problems
  • Prone to depression, especially as sequelae of other medical problems (such as stroke)

Explain the concepts of hardiness and resilience, and how these impact on an individual's life course

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